Financial Services


The Salvation Army’s Representative Payee Program offers confidential and compassionate assistance with budgeting your fixed income to meet your basic needs while planning for future goals.

TSA will budget a person’s income to ensure shelter, food, medical care, clothing and education is paid for, as required by the Social Security Administration (SSA). We are a referral source when needs arise, we complete food assistance and housing applications, speak with case managers and/or treatment team staff, attend provider meetings and try to support the clients through crises as they arise. We communicate frequently with the Social Security Administration and complete their required paperwork. We work closely with the Vision Bank staff on behalf of the clients.

Our Bill Payer Service enlists volunteers to assist our clients create a monthly budget, organize paperwork, write checks for the client’s signature and balance their checkbooks. Our hope is that by providing this service, it will decrease the likelihood of elder abuse and prevent premature higher level of care for that individual. We also use the Bill Payer Program as a transition option for those clients who utilize our Representative Payee Service but are taking the steps to manage their own benefits. This step will allow for these clients to have a skilled mentor meeting with them and offering support so the client can experience success before being on their own.